Simpson Trophy Gents Open: Results

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10th July 2022

We had a super day for our annual Gents Open. A good turn out from clubs all over the country - thanks to all our participants yesterday. The course is in phenomenal condition and all the kind comments are very much appreciated.

Congratulations to all the prizewinners - 66 for James Raeside from Glacier GC secured the trophy.

Largs GC members may collect your vouchers from the Pro Shop whilst all visitors vouchers will be posted out.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their assistance yesterday, in particular Alistair Hopkins for his time doing the scoring.


Overall Winner:
James Raeside Glacier GC 78-12-66
£200.00 Voucher

Best Scratch:
Gavin Chesney Kilbirnie GC 68
£130.00 Voucher

1st Class: (up to 11)

1st: David Ballantyne D'pellier GC 78-11-67 £130.00 Voucher
2nd: Colin Halcrow Largs GC 74-6-68 bih £100.00 Voucher
3rd: Brian Fisher Largs GC 70-2-68 £85.00 Voucher
4th: Scott Davidson Largs GC 69-0-69 £60.00 Voucher
5th: Alan McLean Largs GC 70-0-70 bih £45.00 Voucher
6th: Dale McBurnie Kilbirnie GC 76-6-70 £30.00 Voucher

2nd Class: (12 and above)

1st: Greg Blake Largs GC 87-17-70 bih £130.00 Voucher
2nd: Ross McGill Kirkhill GC 82-12-70 £100.00 Voucher
3rd: David McIntyre Row Castle GC 91-18-73 bih £85.00 Voucher
4th: Richard Brown K'wood GC 87-14-73 £60.00 Voucher
5th: Paul Hewitson Largs GC 86-12-74 bih £45.00 Voucher
6th: Ian Capperauld Largs GC 88-14-74 £30.00 Voucher

Two’s Competition:
Competitors paid out in premium golf balls.