Members' Guidance Document

Booking a tee time:
Tee times should be booked in advance via the Club V1 system or via the pro-shop (by phone on 01475 686192 or by email at Saturday competitions and casual matches go live on the Club V1 system 4 days prior and Wednesday competitions 5 days prior. Other miscellaneous competitions may occasionally go live from time to time, but this will always be visible on the Club V1 app.

When calling the pro-shop to book a time and there is no reply, please leave a message with your booking request details and the starter will endeavour to book the time for you if available. You should then receive the normal V1 confirmation email.

When the pro-shop is open, at least one player from each tee-time should check in, as this will let the starter explain to you any delays, etc. Please do not tee off before your chosen tee-time unless permission from the starter is given.

If you are playing out with of shop hours and have not pre-booked, it is still highly recommended that you book your time on the Club V1 app or the touch screen in the clubhouse, as data are used by the club to monitor rounds played and has a bearing on how the Club is best able to manage the course.

When booking a tee-time, please only enter players you know will be playing and do not fill times with "phantom" players or by simply using "guest" to fill the other fields. If you are playing with guests, please enter their names at the time of booking.

The same guest can only be signed on a maximum of six times per calendar year (regardless of who signs them on), after that normal play charges will apply.

Lifestyle members should present their card to the starter before commencement of play for points to be updated. If the pro shop is closed, for whatever reason, members should have their points updated at the bar before playing.

Club V1 data show that the course is significantly quieter during the mid-afternoon to early evening period, so if you are a newer player to the game or introducing a guest you may want to take advantage of these quieter times to have a more enjoyable experience.

Knock out competition booking:
The ability to make a booking 7 days prior is available, however, due to software constraints, this can only be carried out by calling into the Pro shop or contacting them by phone or email.

When booking a singles tie using Club V1 (4 days prior), please ensure that both competitors names are entered, also that the remaining two players are blocked off by adding “singles tie”, this ensures that no-one can join your group. To do this please enter your name as Player 1, followed by your opponent in Player 2, then for players 3 & 4 press the guest function and input Singles as the first name and Tie as the last name.

The Club V1 system is set up with certain charges applicable for guest bookings online. Any members booking ties where the booking incurs charges – please ignore and the Pro Shop staff will manually amend the booking on your arrival and check in.

Car Park:
If arriving by car, please park responsibly, remembering to leave enough room for larger delivery vehicles to make their way round the car park. At busier times an overflow car park is available on turning right when arriving.
Members are reminded that only footwear is allowed to be changed in the car park and for all other clothing the changing rooms should be used.

The cleaning of any golf equipment (shoes, clubs, trolleys etc) is strictly prohibited in the car park area, please use the air machine area at the end of your round for this purpose. When using the air machine please be aware of players using the adjoining medal tee.

Due to health and safety and space constraints, only staff members are allowed to use buggies in the car park area.

On-Course Etiquette:
Play should only commence from the 1st tee.

Please repair your own pitch mark and make sure your playing partners repair their own. At the same time check for others which have been missed. Also wherever possible, please repair any on the aprons and fronts of greens, (subject to the rules of golf) after you have played your shot.

Always replace your divots (fairway and rough) and please try not to take divots with practice swings.

All bunkers must be properly raked (two handed preferably) and the rake replaced with the teeth in the bunker and handle facing outwards, this saves the next player having to enter the bunker for the rake. Please leave bunkers in the condition you would be happy to find them.

Trolleys must never be taken onto the greens, greens aprons or tees as this can cause damage. All trolleys must always be taken outside of the green side bunkers. Please never be tempted to take a short cut with your trolley between bunkers and the greens. Also please use all paths and bridges designed for the purpose of protecting the course. (e.g. the burn at the front of the 3rd green and the path leading to the 16th tee)

Whenever appropriate, please always ring the bells at the 7th tee and 11th fairway, this ensures safe play for members.

If playing as a single, a maximum of two balls should be played (no practising on the course)

Please be aware and respectful of other players playing their shots around you (not necessarily in your group) and do not make unnecessary noise.

If you are cutting in, please ensure that there is sufficient space to do so. If you are then caught by the game behind who are playing the full course, you must step aside and let them play through. Common sense and civility should always apply.

Fore should always be shouted if there is any chance of an errant golf shot straying towards anyone else on the course. Particular attention should be afforded to Greens staff who are working diligently to ensure the continued high standard of our course.

Members must always be respectful of your playing partners or other members / guests / visitors. We pride ourselves as being a welcoming and inviting club and poor etiquette / aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

If you do feel the need to speak to any other golfers or groups during your round, please do so in a kind and courteous manner. (the way that you would like to be spoken to yourself).

In 2023, the Club adopted a formal buggy policy document. Its purpose, among other things was to establish a standard for the safe operation of all buggies operated at Largs Golf Club. The provisions of the policy include but are not limited to the following:

No more than 2 people are allowed in the buggy at all times.

Identified buggy routes should be adhered to as much as possible.

Buggies should be kept a minimum of 10 metres from the green surrounds when possible.

Unnecessary journeys (searching for a ball etc) should be minimised.

Anyone operating any buggy on the golf course is deemed by so doing, to have the knowledge, training, and skill to safely operate this vehicle and be fully accountable for their actions and consequences thereof.

Pace of Play:
Pace of play is an issue at most golf clubs and Largs Golf Club is no different. Slow play causes the most complaints from the membership to the starters in the Pro shop and grumbling in the bar afterwards. The club has members of all different age ranges and abilities, however if each of us take on board the following tips, we can make a difference to the time taken to play the course.

Members should aim to complete their casual rounds off the yellow and red tees within the following times:
4 balls - 3hrs 30mins; 3 balls - 3hrs 15mins; 2 balls – 3hrs.

Competition play from the white tees should take no longer than 3hrs 45mins.

These are a maximum time guidance only and members should look to complete their rounds in as timely a manner as possible.

Please ensure that you keep up with the game in front and be aware of all games playing behind and allow play through where applicable. If the course is busy (mostly on competition days) allowing games through is a last resort and keeping up with the game in front is far more beneficial for the rest of the field. If your game is losing ground, please make a concerted effort to close the gap.

Ready Golf is in play at Largs Golf Club - to keep pace of play continuous, whoever is ready to play just tee it up if safe to do so.

After all your group have teed off, players should move as promptly as possible to their own ball and prepare to play, rather than watching other players hit before approaching their own ball.

Always play a provisional ball if in any doubt, as walking back to the tee seriously slows the course down.

Do not leave trolleys/bags at the front of greens, always leave them towards the rear/in the direction of the next tee.

On the greens please, whenever possible, begin lining up your own putt while other players are preparing to putt out. There will be occasions when you can putt out of turn to help the pace of play (e.g. if a playing partner is raking a bunker) if it is not impacting the other players in your group.

Please move swiftly from greens to the next tee and do not mark your scorecards at the side of the green, as this slows play significantly and prevents the game behind hitting their approach shots.

Members are asked to always use the facilities door at the rear of the club when arriving or leaving with any golf equipment. This door can be accessed by the surrounding side path or via the new buggy track.

No golf equipment should be taken through any other entrance. Please ensure footwear is free of grass before entering the clubhouse. The air machine area should be the only area of the Club used for this purpose, as this saves on unnecessary clearing up (by the club’s volunteers) around the other outside areas.

No caps or hats should be worn in the lounge, also no holdalls or golf equipment.

Mobile phones are allowed in the lounge on silent, if making or receiving a call please leave the lounge area.

No football colours allowed.

No vaping is allowed anywhere inside the Clubhouse buildings.

In Conclusion:
Thank you for taking the time to read this document. It is purely intended as a reminder of good practice which, if implemented, will only add to the enjoyment of everyone’s golf experience at Largs Golf Club.

Please look after the course, treat your fellow members with respect and help integrate any newer members to our club.

Enjoy your golf!