Hole 1: Haylie Par 3

An uphill, short par 3. Take more club than you think from the tee. The green slopes from back to front - beware a front pin!

Hole 2: Redhall Bank Par 4

A medium length par 4, the fairway slopes left to right. The downhill tee shot is inviting but watch out for the trees on the right hand side - or the winding burn for very errant tee shots.

Hole 3: Killincraig Par 5 / 4 (Yellow tees)

A very tough par 4 or a birdie chance par 5 - depending on the tees you play from! Beware the wall and the burn at the front of the green, any low approach shots will be gobbled up.

Hole 4: Lodge Par 3

The longest par 3 on the course, the green is well protected by bunkers short left and on the right. Front of the green is never a bad spot on this hole. Visually stunning approach when the azaela bush is in full bloom.

Hole 5: Backstone Par 4

Looking at the card you would be forgiven for thinking this short par 4 is a straightforward birdie chance. Once the tee shot is negotiated the fun begins! The trickiest green on the course provides all sorts of challenges. Try your best to leave an uphill putt with your approach.

Hole 6: Castle Par 4

A medium length but tough par 4. The hole dog-legs right to left and although the approach filters down towards the green, beware the front right bunker and the trap on the left hand side of the green too.

Hole 7: Bourtrees Par 4

At first glance this looks like a straightaway par 4, but watch out for the subtle left to right camber on the fairway that can entice your ball towards the trees and leave you blocked out with your approach. A long, 3 club narrow green awaits surrounded by bunkers.

Hole 8: Spittleflat Par 3

The furthest hole from the clubhouse, the 8th hole is a devilish little par 3. A slightly raised green is well protected on all sides. Beware the wind swirling at this part of the course making club selection tricky.

Hole 9: Waterside Par 4

The start of our 'Amen Corner' - the 9th hole is one of the best holes on the course. A straightforward tee shot then leaves you with a mid to long iron approach over the burn towards a slightly raised 2 tiered green. A visually stunning hole with Kelburn Castle in the background.

Hole 10: Arran Par 4

A hole based entirely on strategy - place your tee shot far enough down the fairway past the big tree on the left to allow a long but clear approach to the green. A visually stunning 2nd shot over the burn to an elevated green awaits - use 1 club more as you have the bank at the back of the green to utilise!

Hole 11: Jubilee Par 4

Stroke Index 1 for both yellow and white tees, the 11th hole is a sharp dog leg left to right. The tee shot is key on this demanding par 4 - longer hitters can fade the ball over the trees, significantly reducing the length of the hole BUT bringing in some danger on both sides of the fairway. The conventional way of playing the hole is to play towards the marker in the fairway before facing a long approach shot uphill to a raised green. Make sure you take enough club or you'll be faced with an awkward pitch up the hill!

Hole 12: Pencil Par 5 / 4 (Yellow tees)

A par 4 from the yellow tees and a par 5 from the white and red tees - the tee shot is inviting from an elevated position. The hole dog legs slightly from right to left with a downhill approach to the green. The green is large and undulating from front to back and is protected by bunkers on either side.

Hole 13: Riggs Par 4

A medium length par 4 with a reasonably generous landing area. The green has bunkers on either side and slopes from left to right. A very pretty hole, framed beautifully with the trees on both sides of the fairway.

Hole 14: Meikle Cumbrae Par 3

The final par 3 on the course, club selection on this hole presents the biggest challenge. A narrow, 3 club green awaits surrounded by bunkers. A good tip is to have a look at where the pin is for this hole whilst playing the 11th...this will help you select the correct club!

Hole 15: Cockleshells Par 4 /5 (Red tees)

A very strong par 4 (par 5 from the red tees). A dog leg right to left, there is a bit more room on the right hand side from the tee but this will leave a longer second shot. The fairway drops slightly to the green so this helps approach shots run onto the green but beware - there is the burn at the back of the green which can gobble up aggressive approaches!

Hole 16: Bowencraig Par 4

At this point the sanctuary of the Clubhouse comes into view! The burn measuring around 210 yards from the tee will be the main question players will have to negotiate from the tee. A lay up short of the burn will leave a mid-iron approach or, if you are brave and can carry the burn, a wedge approach and possible birdie chance awaits.

Hole 17: Sleeping Warrior Par 4

Positioning off the tee is vital on this short par 4. A tee shot finishing on the left hand side will leave an awkward approach either up and over the trees or you can use the natural right to left contours to run your shot onto the green. The green runs from back to front and a putt from above the hole will be extremely quick.

Hole 18: Kelburn Home Par 4

Out of bounds on the left awaits a pulled drive and the burn runs menacingly from the right hand side down through the fairway. The challenge isn't over though once the tee shot is negotiated! An uphill approach to a very undulating green means the 2nd shot has to be accurate. A tricky final hole which in many ways sums the course up - visually stunning but very tricky if you let your guard down.