2024 John Lambert Rosebowl Open Texas Scramble: Results

Thank you to all the visitors who participated and for all the great feedback we received. Thanks also to members who supported the event.

Our winners with a fantastic score of 51 were Robbie McAllister, Callum Lindsay, S Lindsay and J Davidson. This is the 2nd year in a row Robbie's team has won this event!

1st Place Team: R McAllister, C Lindsay, S Lindsay & J Davidson 51
4 x £100.00 Vouchers

2nd Place Team: C Melvin, S Thomson, A Campbell & S Melvin 52 countback
4 x £80.00 Vouchers

3rd Place Team: T Clarke, S Padden, W Scott & I Riddell 52
4 x £60.00 Vouchers

4th Place Team: D Hay, H Waters, S Devine & R Hay 53 bih
4 x £40.00 Vouchers

5th Place Team: A Leahy, M McGinty, R McGinty & C Cameron 53
4 x £30.00 Vouchers

NP @ 1st Hole: J Bennett £25.00 voucher
NP @ 4th Hole: C Downes £25.00 voucher
NP @ 8th Hole: R Carney £25.00 voucher
NP @ 14th Hole: A Leahy £25.00 voucher

All vouchers won by Largs GC members can be collected from the Pro Shop.
All visitors’ vouchers will be posted out.
Thank you to all participants.